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The biggest progression mod in Jojovein is Abyssalcraft. Hopefully this page will make the aims of Abyssalcraft clearer, and provide a detailed walkthrough of the mod in the context of Jojovein.

Phase 1: Overworld

Starting off

To begin progressing in the mod, the player should first craft a Necrotic Diary (also known as a Necronomicon), and familiarize themselves with the basic process of completing Rituals. Collect a couple of PE Statues (can be crafted from Meteorite Ingots or produced naturally by baiting groups of Shoggoths from their lairs), and figure out how to charge your Diary by crafting an Energy Pedestal. Once you manage to get your book charging, try a basic ritual or a stand arrow ritual as Stands are very useful for taking on some of the pack's harder mobs. To make this explanation clearer:

  1. Craft Necronomicon (Reference JEI)
  2. Set up ritual altar (gif of how in Necronomicon and Jojovein Compendium)
  3. Craft Energy Pedestal (Reference JEI)
  4. Obtain Statues from Darklands Shrine or Shoggoth Lairs (See PE Statues Page)z
  5. Try rituals (see Necronomicon Page)

Working to obtain a Gateway Key

The Gateway key is an item that creates portals to the Abyssal Wasteland, the second non-vanilla dimension in the modpack's progression sequence. The Abyssal Wasteland is able to be visited after the player has already killed bosses in The Aurorian. While looking at JEI makes crafting the key seem like a daunting task, it is actually quite manageable with a clear breakdown of what needs to be obtained:

  • 1 Ender Pearl - Kill some Endermen, perform the Ritual to produce them, or farm Ender Lilies.
  • 1 Blaze Powder - Craft some from Blaze Rods.
    • 1 Eye of Ender - Craft from the Blaze Powder and Ender Pearl.
  • 2 Blaze Rods - Visit the Nether, find a fortress (Making some Soul Powder can help find one), and kill some Blazes.
  • 4 Redstone - Go mining in the Overworld.
  • 2 Meteor Pearls (Coralium Pearls) - Go mining in the Overworld in an Ocean, River, Swamp, or Coralium-Infested Swamp biome to get Meteor Gems (Coralium Gems) that can be crafted into Clusters of 9 and smelted to produce 2 Pearls per Cluster.
  • 4 Shards of Oblivion - Visit The Aurorian and craft the shards from the trophies dropped by bosses.

Oblivion Catalyst Recipe.

Once you have all the materials, it is time to do the ritual to make an Oblivion Catalyst. The ritual also requires 5000 PE, which is a full Necrotic Diary (Necronomicon) charge.

After this is complete, you can directly craft the Gateway Key (check JEI for the recipe). Right click a spot on the ground where you want the portal to be made, and it will instantly generate.

Abyssal Wasteland Portal.

Congratulations! It is now time to proceed into the Abyssal Wasteland.

Phase 2: Abyssal Wasteland

2019-12-29 00.41.40.png

Now that you made it to the Abyssal Wasteland, there are two main objectives here. The first is to obtain the powerful gear associated with this dimension. The second is to upgrade the Gateway Key to Asorah's Dreaded Gateway Key, we will call it the Tier II Key for short.

Note: There are several small structures littered across the wasteland. These structures contain a chest and a secret ladder leading to a second chest room. They contain valuable items that can help speed-up early progression through the wasteland. Among these items are Platinum Equipment and Coralium Ingots.

Surviving the Coralium Plague - Obtaining Plated Coralium Armor

2019-12-29 00.46.10.png

In order to resist the Alien Virus (Coralium Plague) spread by mobs in this dimension, one must first make a Plated Coralium Helmet. This is technically possible to accomplish in the Overworld alone. However, mining in the Abyssal Wasteland will speed up the process tenfold. In order to mine in this dimension, you must first make a Coralium Pickaxe. Nearly all Coralium-type ores in this dimension require a Coralium Pickaxe to be mined. As many dangerous mobs lurk in this dimension, it is advised to bring plenty of food for healing until you can obtain the helmet.

After the helmet is acquired, it will become possible to obtain a full set of this armor, which is incredibly defensive on top of providing speed and water breathing. One should also consider making a Coralium Longbow as a solid ranged option.

Obtaining a Tier II (Abyssal Wasteland) Diary

Recipe for the Abyssal Wasteland Diary

In order to do the majority of the rituals in this dimension, it is necessary to upgrade your Necrotic Diary (Necronomicon) to an Abyssal Wasteland Diary (Wasteland Necronomicon). This upgrade, on top of unlocking more rituals such as Vampire Book creation, allows the Necronomicon to store 10,000 P.E., twice as much as the first.

Staff of Rending Recipe.

In order to obtain the essence of this dimension used to upgrade the Necronomicon, a Staff of Rending is necessary. The Staff of Rending can be made with a Shard of Oblivion and some shadow gem fragments. To obtain Shadow Gems, one must travel to the Darklands biome in the Overworld. It is a biome with dark blue grass and lots of open space, and is safe for Vampires during the day. In this biome, there are mobs that spawn known as Shadow Beasts. They are immensely powerful and no amount of armor can consistently tank their shadow rush attack which also inflicts blindness. Thus, it is advised that one is prepared with a bow or a weapon with a smiting enchantment, preferably light pierce which is specifically designed for dealing with them. Shadow Gems are common drops from these mobs. Once the staff is crafted, it can be used to right-click mobs in any Abyssalcraft dimension to deal damage from afar and slowly add energy to the staff until it produces the essence. Necronomicon rituals using materials from each new Abyssalcraft dimension can be used to increase the damage and thus the speed of essence gathering as you progress. The staves can also be enchanted with sapping up to level III to increase damage (and speed of essence gathering) and with multi-rend to give the staff an area of effect sapping effect that damages and harvests essence from mobs within a radius of the targeted enemy. The essences harvested using the staff can be crafted into the skins needed to upgrade the Necrotic Diary (Necronomicon) by surrounding the Wasteland Essence with Coralium Plagued Flesh in a Crafting Table.

Powerstone Trackers, obtaining the Dreadlands Infused Powerstone

Powerstone Tracker Recipe.

The next step to clearing the Abyssal Wasteland is completing its main dungeon to obtain a powerstone. To do this, you will need to craft Powerstone Trackers. They work similarly to Eyes of Ender in vanilla, and the stronghold of this dimension has a familiar layout.

Once you reach the end of the dungeon, you will see a Powerstone. It is important that you mine the powerstone with a Coralium Pickaxe, or the item will not drop. As many strongholds have been completely looted, a ritual exists to create the Dreadlands Infused Powerstone.

Due to the length of time that the server has been in action and the number of players who have hunted down the powerstone, strongholds containing Powerstones may be difficult to find. Due to this, an alternative method of obtaining the powerstone can be found here.

2019-12-29 01.05.27.png

Obtaining the Eye of the Abyss

To obtain the Eye of the Abyss, you must summon and kill Asorah, The Fallen, a large dragon similar to the Ender Dragon.

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 10.46.23 PM.png

To summon Asorah, one must perform the Ritual of The Sleeper in the Abyssal Wasteland using 4 Gold Ingots, a Bucket of Liquid Coralium, a Transmutation Gem, and an enchantment table.

Note: to do rituals in the alternate dimensions, you must make the ritual circle out of the dimension's equivalent to cobblestone. In the Abyssal Wasteland, the ritual circle would be made using Abyssal Cobblestone or Coralium Cobblestone.


Upon killing Asorah, he will drop a Greater Scroll, the Eye of The Abyss, 8 Coralium-Plagued Flesh, 8 Ingots of Refined Coralium, and 8 Chunks of Coralium (Equivalent to an extra 16 Refined Coralium Ingots when smelted)

Crafting the Key

Place an Eye of the Abyss, Dreadlands Infused Powerstone, and a Transmutation Gem around a Gateway key on a ritual circle in the Abyssal Wasteland. Note that an Abyssal Wasteland Necronomicon with sufficient charge must be used.

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 11.08.24 PM.png

Phase 3: The Dreadlands

The Dreadlands is an area focused primarily around combat. The primary objective in the Dreadlands is to obtain dreadium to forge powerful gear and to summon Cha'garoth the Dreadbeast to obtain the Dread-Plagued Gateway Key.

Transmutator Recipe

Cha'garoth Altar (Top) Recipe.

Obtaining a Tier III (Dreadlands) Diary

Most rituals within the Dreadlands will require the use of a Dreadlands Diary (Dreadlands Necronomicon). This upgrade will unlock more rituals including the rituals for producing Dreaded Platinum Armor as well as Interdimentional cages for easy mob transport. On top of this, the upgrade also enables the Necronomicon to store up to 20,000 PE. Making the Dreadlands Necronomicon requires many of the same steps as in earlier upgrades: gather essence from the Dreadlands enemies and surround with a basic enemy drop, the Dread Fragments dropped by Dreadlings and Dreadspawn in this case, to produce skin which is crafted with the previous Necronomicon to upgrade it.

Surviving the Dread - Obtaining A Dreaded Platinum Helmet

Within the Dreadlands, most enemies inflict the Dread Plague effect, a damaging debuff much like the Coralium Plague that can cause mass health loss over time. The Dimension contains, however, 2 separate sets of armor that protect against the effect: Dreaded Platinum and Dreadium Samurai Armor. Dreaded Platinum Armor, although far less protective and powerful than Samurai Armor, is essential for gathering Dreaded Shards of Platinum during early-Dreadlands progression due to its low cost and it granting not only complete Dread Plague immunity while wearing the helmet but also fire resistance IV and fire protection IV when wearing the chestplate, leggings, or boots. The Dreaded Platinum Armor set provides equal protection to normal platinum armor, so it is recommended that you only perform the ritual for the helmet and another piece of your choosing and make a set of platinum armor using the Dreaded Chunks of Platinum dropped by Dreaded Platinum Golems and by mining the Dreaded and Dreadlands Platinum ore found in great abundance underground in the Dreadlands. The Dreaded Platinum Armor set's dread and fire resistances allow for the plater to much more effectively challenge and defeat Dreadguards, a much more common and more effective source of Dreaded Shards of Platinum than the Greater Dreadspawn that the player must initially face in the Dreadlands.

Obtaining Dreaded Shards of Platinum & Dreadium Ingots

In order to Obtain Dreadium, the primary material of the Dreadlands, one must first obtain Dreaded Shards of Platinum. There are 2 primary sources of Dreaded Shards of Platinum: Greater Dreadspawn and Dreadguards. The Greater Dreadspawn are relatively uncommon but are far safer to fight than Dreadguards which are much more common but very dangerous to unprepared players, especially vampires, who can

quickly die to the Dreadguards' fire attacks and the flame-thorns effect on their armor. Once Dreaded Shards of Platinum are obtained, they can be made into Dreadium Ingots by putting them in a Transmutator. Transmutators can be fueled cheaply using buckets of Liquid Coralium or blaze rods and can convert certain items to others, such as Dreaded Shoggoth Flesh to Weak Human Hearts.

Summoning Cha'garoth and Obtaining Cha'garoth's R'lyehian Gateway Key

Cha'garoth Altar (Bottom) Recipe.

Dreaded Key Transmutation.

Summoning Cha'garoth requires that you build his altar. The Altar of Cha'garoth has 2 parts, the top and bottom, which must be placed at y: 40 in the Dreadlands Mountains Biome. Each part requires a ritual and a sacrifice to obtain. Once the altar is built, right-clicking the altar will transform the nearby area into the temple of Cha'garoth, an area containing 6 Dreadguards and Cha'garoth the Dreadbeast. The left wing of the temple contains a Crystallizer, a useful Furnace-type workbench which is highly recommended to take. There are also 2 Blocks of Dreadium embedded in the statue above the hole leading to the boss room down the middle corridor.

Cha'garoth Altar built correctly.

Cha'garoth spawns in a room below the main floor of the temple and summons Spawn of Cha'garoth, Fists of Cha'garoth, Greater Dread Spawn, and Dreadguards to fight the player. Cha'garoth is made more dangerous by its 2 ranged attacks. One attack launches a fireball that causes high explosive and fire damage and leaves a lingering Dread Plague zone. Cha'garoth's second attack is similar to that of Dreadguards, dealing rapid, moderate-high damage and inflicting Dread Plague. Cha'garoth is best challenged with ranged weapons and Dreadium Samurai Armor to counteract the lasting effects of its attacks. Close-ranged stands such as The World, Star Platinum, or Crazy Diamond can also aid in the fight by dealing high damage to the boss which can otherwise be difficult to harm. Once defeated, Cha'garoth drops several Dreaded Shards of Platinum, Dreadium Ingots, and Dread fragments along with a Dread-plagued Gateway Key. The Dread-plagued Gateway Key is not functional as a portal key but can be converted to the proper key, Cha'garoth's R'lyehian Gateway Key, by placing the plagued key into a Transmutator. The new portal key will allow access to the next and final dimension of Abyssalcraft: The Omothol.

Phase 4: The Omothol

The Omothol is the 3rd and final main dimension you can access in Abyssalcraft. Much like the End, The Omothol consists of several small to moderately large floating islands. The spacing between these islands make use of a Ring of the Flying Squid, Elytra, or the vampire bat mode skill almost mandatory to traverse the space between them. Ethaxium is the material of this dimension and is used to make the strongest tools in Abyssalcraft. Ethaxium is obtained through crafting, rituals, structure loot, and combat, though it is often fastest to obtain by killing Minions of the Gatekeeper with a Looting sword.

Obtaining a Tier IV (Omothol) Diary

Most rituals within the Omothol will require the use of a Omothol Diary (Omothol Necronomicon). This upgrade will unlock more rituals including the rituals for producing [Insert Things Here] and increases the P.E. storage of the Diary (Necronomicon) to store up to 40,000 PE. Making the Omothol Necronomicon requires many of the same steps as in earlier upgrades with slight variations: gather essence from the Omothol enemies (Not Shadows) and surround with Omothol Ghoul Flesh (Crafted using Coralium-Plagued Flesh and Eldritch Scales dropped by Minions of the Gatekeeper) to produce skin which is crafted with the previous Diary (Necronomicon) to upgrade it.

Finding and summoning J'zahar

J'zahar, Gatekeeper of The Abyss is the final boss of Abyssalcraft and drops an Essence of The Gatekeeper, an item essential for crafting the Heaven Diary (Abyssalnomicon) and many endgame pieces of equipment. J'zahar's temple is located at the world origin in the Omothol, with the ritual circle needed to summon him at the coordinates x=4, y=54, z=85. To summon J'zahar, you must perform the Ritual of Reversed Time using 4 Omothol Essences and 4 Shards of Oblivion. When you summon J'zahar, time is rewound on the temple, restoring it to its base state, allowing the temple to act as an infinite source of books and Dark Ethaxium Brick while also clearing any placed blocks within the temple.

Fighting J'zahar

J'zahar is the most dangerous boss in Abyssalcraft, wielding the ability to fire exploding skulls, apply withering against you, or create black holes and explosions. J'zahar has a damage cap of 7 and is very difficult to fight using a stand due to his black holes redirecting their projectiles. The only way of dealing damage above the cap is by using a fork, a melee weapon exclusive to hunters. It is recommended that you bring a shield to defend against J'zahar's melee attacks and, if possible, an immunity to the wither effect, such as through a Withered Heart. When J'zahar dies, he begins drawing all nearby entities towards himself as a final attack, exploding and warping anybody too close into the Dark Realm. It is important to note that if this final attack is successful and it manages to teleport a player, J'zahar will not drop any loot.

Obtaining the Heaven Diary

The Heaven Diary (Abyssalnomicon) is the final Diary (Necronomicon) of Abyssalcraft and is capable of performing all rituals in the modpack. The Abyssalnomicon is crafted using an Omothol Diary (Necronomicon), an Essence of the Gatekeeper, 3 Eldritch Scales, and 4 Ethaxium Ingots. Notable abilities of the Heaven Diary (Abyssalnomicon) above previous Diaries (Necronomicons) include the creation of unbreakable vampirism armors, Endgame weapons, and the Stone of Aja needed by vampires to make an Umbrella of Aja.